Hi, I’m Michelle.

I’m a location-independent software developer and psychedelic entrepreneur.

I also love travel, psychedelics, plant medicine, flow practice, personal development, making & writing music, yoga, nature & the ocean.

Experience. Growth. Freedom. Simplicity.


Location: San Francisco

I’ve settled into San Francisco and after some initial resistance I have been able to tap into its magic and feel more grounded. Not traveling turns out to be a welcome change and I can finally put my attention on my health, personal relationships, and creative projects again. I love the city’s ambition and otherworldly craziness and it’s been so inspiring and transformational already. I’ll be here until early October.

Creating a framework for psychedelic integration

One of the main reasons I’m in San Francisco of course is to dive into the incredibly advanced and diverse world of psychedelics here. 

Integration is the most significant part of intentionally using psychedelics. I am creating a framework that makes integration easy and playful and helps people establish positive transformation in their lives after taking psychedelics. If you’d like to hear more, join the waitlist here.

Software Development

Together with my amazing clients, I just launched schulen.de and relaunched reisezieledeutschland.de.

Personal Development

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege to work with the incredible Jaimee Leigh Curtis – and I’ve made some powerful shifts.

*Inspired by Derek Sivers // Last updated July 9th 2019

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.” – Richard Branson

Current Projects


Software Development

I’m a freelance developer and tech lead, preferably with Python/Django or WordPress. I get to work on awesome projects remotely and love the challenge and deep work.

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Exploring the untapped potential of psychedelics for personal development and healing.

FlowSeeker is a foundational resource about psychedelics for personal development, a directory for psychedelic retreats & guided experiences, and a framework for continuous psychedelic integration.

The FlowSeeker community (which is free to join), we hold a safe, private, virtual space to share about psychedelic experiences and integration.

Dive into the potential of psychedelics

Music (Singer/Songwriter)

Rediscovering my musical self after an extended break. When I first started university in 2008, I studied music and media studies and wanted to work in the music industry. I even was the singer of a progressive metal band (can you believe it? here’s proof and here’s the current site/music of the band). But then travel took over my life and I abandoned music from my it. 

But now it’s back! Thanks to a dear friend and some plant medicine 😉

Still getting back into songwriting and finding a good way to share my music.

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Travel & Adventure

Admittedly, travel is becoming less important to me as my priorities are shifting towards personal development, business, community. 

But of course I’m not gonna stop adventuring! 

So far I’ve been to 40 countries and I have a few exciting trips planned this year! 

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