Hi, I’m Michelle.

I’m a full-stack web developer and user experience designer, ex digital nomad, world citizen, and student of life. 

This is where I showcase my software development and UX work, write about my own journey in life, and invite you to follow along.

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Web Development

As a full-stack developer and tech lead, I love working with Python/Django, React.js, and occasionally WordPress. I love the challenge and deep work of software development and the fact that there is always something more to learn or get better at. 

UX & Service Design

Though new to the field of user experience design, I have passion for understanding and improving your client’s experience with your professional service. 

Latest Blog Posts

My journey with psychedelics and plant medicine

My journey with psychedelics and plant medicine

If you've spoken to me in the past two years, you've probably heard me talk about psychedelics. I feel like I've shared quite a lot in this area, but there is rarely enough time for a conversation deep enough to paint a more comprehensive picture. For this reason, and...

A Digital Nomad’s Search for Home

A Digital Nomad’s Search for Home

Home has always been a relatively loose concept in my personal experience. I grew up in a small town in Northern Germany, in a relatively high-income, nuclear family. My parents ran their own business from our house and hired a live-in nanny to look after me during...

My story & learnings from being a digital nomad for three years

My story & learnings from being a digital nomad for three years

It’s been three years to the day today that I left my job and went self-employed and location-independent. And while three years of being a digital nomad isn’t even special in my circle of friends, I’d like to share some of my learnings and thoughts around being a...