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Web Architecture & Development.

UX driven, business holistic. 

Hi, I’m Michelle.

I help online & e-commerce businesses build outstanding customer experiences & effortless internal processes through custom web application development.

And it all starts with understanding & designing the user journey as well as the needs and goals of your business.


Before jumping into the technical details, you and I invest time in understanding the needs and goals of your business and designing the user journey (often in a workshop format).

This becomes the foundation for the websites, applications, and integrations I build.

I believe that the quality of my questions and the depth of my understanding of your business and customer determine the quality of the solution I can build for you.


I have over 10 years of experience working with clients in 5+ countries in e-commerce, business, and technology.

I’ve been working remotely since 2014 and have lived in or visited 40+ countries.

I understand business & online marketing.

I have a degree in Computer Science.

Michelle Retzlaff Software Developer 2


Web Architecture & Strategy

  • User journey design
  • Requirements gathering
  • Technical design & specifications, visual prototypes
  • Choice of platform/technology
  • Third-party platform/API integrations

Web Development

  • Custom website & application development
  • Integration development
  • Customisation & extension of existing websites
  • Documentation & training
  • Technical project management

Platforms & Technologies


Custom theme development, integration development (REST/GraphQL API), functionality implementation through apps or custom solutions


Custom design & functionality implemenation, optimisation, standard & custom integrations, plugin development


Python/Django, React.JS, AWS, Node.JS, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Learning new technologies is part of my profession. While I feel the most comfortable & experienced with the ones listed here, my background allows me to quickly adopt new languages, frameworks, and APIs for almost any requirement.


Meet some of the companies I have worked with:

Michelle Retzlaff Software Developer 2

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Location / Homebase

Mermaid Beach, QLD, Australia