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Hi, I’m Michelle.

I’m a location-independent software developer and entrepreneur.


I’m looking for/to:


  • learn Portuguese
  • co-living
  • a marketing/sales focused business partner


Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is where I share what I’m currently working on:


  • I am in Melbourne, Australia.
  • I am learning about biohacking, ketosis, and nootropics as well as the software development aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • I am starting a new software as a service business.

Projects & Accomplishments


Technical Lead (since 2018)

I am the technical lead and lead developer for the More info on the project coming soon. 

My own tech stack includes Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Vue.JS, and Amazon Web Services.

Software Business Freigeist App (since 2017)

Freigeist is a software as a service tool for freelancers and consultants that makes onboarding clients a bliss and getting paid hassle-free and fast.

As the technical founder and initiator, I lead the product and software development as well as all other technical aspects of the business.

WordPress Support (2015-2017)

I founded HootProof in early 2015 and grew it into a respected, 3-person company within 2 years. Keeping in mind that it was my first “real” business and the fact that it never had my undivided attention, it was the perfect opportunity for me to learn the basics of starting and growing a service business. In order to focus on new projects, I sold HootProof at the end of 2017.

My Own Business (since 2015)

After an extensive travel period in South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, I quit my job and started my own business. Driven by the desire to be location-independent and find more freedom and adventure, I started a service based company and worked as a freelancer developer.

Software Developer (2012-2015)

After finishing my degree, I worked as a software developer for and, two of the biggest ecommerce companies in Germany, for just over three years, specializing in the customization of Oracle E-Business Suite. Starting as a junior developer, I soon advanced to the role of module architect and technical lead within my team and completed complex, extensive projects.


B.Sc. Computer Science (2012)

Studied Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) and Uppsala Universitet (Sweden), with a focus on UI/UX development. I completed my thesis at Konrad Zuse Institute Berlin.

I started a remote Master’s degree shortly after completing my Bachlelor’s, but quit because I saw so much more value in my practical experience as an employed software developer.

My Core Desired Feelings

What better way to describe who I am than by my core desired feelings (based on The Desire Map):

I desire to feel: Focused, centered, happy, joyful, loving, confident, honest, truthful, light, grounded, challenged, serious, committed, free, curious, engaged, loved, held, valid, seen, understood, at home, beautifully lost, beautiful, energized, enthusiastic, inspired, luxurious, in control, independent, welcome, adventurous, growing, excellent, laughing, radiant, blissful, grateful, present, authentic, excited, purposeful, healthy, strong, kind, playful, sincere, surprised (sometimes), in alignment with my inner child.

Get In Touch

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