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Hi, I’m Michelle.

I’m a full-stack web and WordPress developer with a degree in Computer Science. I started freelancing as a web developer while I was studying in Berlin, Germany, and Uppsala, Sweden. After graduating from university, I worked as a database and application developer for one of Germany’s largest online retailers for three years.

At the age of 24, I decided to quite my job, sell all of my belongings, and become a digital nomad. Between 2015 and 2020, I lived in and traveled to over 40 countries while working online as a freelance web developer and building my first online business.

I am now based on the Gold Coast, Australia, and continue to work with local and international clients.

My Tech Stack & Skills

I’m always eager and quick to learn new skills, technologies, and frameworks on the project. I truly believe that the fundamental skills of a great developer transfer to any programming language and software.

Full-stack/Python/Django Developer

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Amazon Web Services, ElasticSearch, REST APIs, foundational React.js and Vue.js

WordPress Developer

WordPress technical support & maintenance, customization, optimization, theme and plugin development (PHP)

Other skills & languages

Technical design and specifications, fundamentals of UX design, remote work and teams, basic SEO & online marketing

English (native level), German (native), Portuguese (B2), Spanish (A2)


Additional Experience

Besides my technical experience, this is what I bring to your project, thanks to my experience in running a business and working remotely from all around the world for the past five years:

Global Citizen

5 years of working remotely across different time zones, languages, and cultures, while living in and visiting over 40 countries

Business Background

Understanding of complex business processes, online marketing, search engine optimization, and user experience design

Management & Leadership

Excellent communication, project management, and documentation

Selected Projects

Online travel magazine & hotel platform

Recent re-design and theme development for the print and online travel magazine reisezieledeutschland.de, including complex custom post types and theme customization, SEO and performance optimization and a still-in-progress hotel booking system with hotel portal integration.

Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, Gutenberg Editor, heavily customized child theme, custom post types and ACF, and others

Boarding school management web app

Since May 2016, I have designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining a comprehensive custom boarding school management for two private boarding schools in Germany, Schloss Torgelow and Kurpfalz Internat.

The web app offers a variety of information management for teachers, students, parents, and staff, as well as grade certificate generation, grade calculation, complex questionnaires/surveys, resource/room/event booking, and much more. It features a complex permissions system and downloadable data analysis reports. The app is being used by over 600 people (students, parents, staff, alumni) on a daily basis.

Technologies used: Python, Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, ElasticCache, Huey/Redis, HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery, WeasyPrint and others

School comparison portal

Technical design, development, project management, deployment, and maintenance for the public-facing school comparison website schulen.de.

Features include complex data entry forms, an ElasticSearch based and distance-based search, a complex school ranking, ad booking, and content management facilities.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Vue.JS, REST API, AWS, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery, and others

Blockchain asset management app

Technical architecture, development team lead, and testing for Ethereum Smart Contracts application TokenTable.io

Technologies used: Node.JS, Solidity, Web3, and others

WordPress support service

My first online business, hootproof.de, founded in 2015 and sold in 2017, is a service for technical WordPress support and maintenance. While building, customizing, and optimizing WordPress websites for mostly German, but also international clients, I built a team of up to five and the processes for us to collaborate and communicate while working remotely across the world.

Technologies used: WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS

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